It's all about the cake

by Kill All The Sexy People

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We want our 10.000 bugs before we hit the stage 

We worth more than the faggot in 50 shades of rape 

Our female fans jump in the pit to have an abortion 

Bags of supply with snow so white

Hookers count the days til they can finally see us live

We're endorsed by Rolex, Amex, Bugatti, Armani, Gucci

and Walther White- you're goddamn right

We play our shows in Monaco, Saint Barth and at the

shareholders meeting of goldman and sachs

My closet's full of fur coats of animals that are about to be extinct

And we earn your years income before you even blinked

Ambitious and vicious, gaining more riches

We mean business bought penthouse for christmas

one two three four pearl black private jets 

fly me to Paris for my fucking breakfast
Tour life ain't a party it's a bloody excess 

Tour life ain't a party it's a bloody excess

Tour life ain't a party it's a bloody excess

To be honest we ain't got that much 

We got even more than you'd expect from us 

Musicians are billionairs did you know? 

That's why we sell our souls to play a show 

We're even richer than the kid in Richie Rich

and sold more records than Britney, bitch

We own as much as the catholic church 

I don't even know why we are selling merch

Now you know that we could challenge world hunger

Our bank account shows an imaginery number

So if you see us in your favourite super car 

you know it's rent cuz we're broke and so you are


released September 16, 2015
Danke an unsere internationalen Geldgeber.



all rights reserved


Kill All The Sexy People Hamburg, Germany

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